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This article will help you to install Wine 1.9.9 Development Release on Ubuntu, Debian and LinuxMint based systems.

  1. Installing Prerequisite
    First we recommend to upgrade your system packages after that install build-essential package which provides most of common developement packages for your system.
    sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
    sudo apt-get install build-essential

  2. Install Wine
    At writing time of this article debian packages for Wine 1.9.9 development release are not available. So you need to download wine source code and install on your system. Use below commands to download it.
    cd /opt
    sudo wget
    sudo tar xjf wine-1.9.9.tar.bz2
    cd wine-1.9.9
    Configure wine using one of following command based on your system architecture.
    For 32-Bit Systems:
    sudo ./configure
    For 64-Bit Systems:
    sudo ./configure --enable-win64
    Finally compile wine source with make command
    sudo make
    sudo make install

  3. Check Wine Version Use following command to check version of wine installed on your system
    On 32-Bit Systems:
    wine --version
    On 64-Bit Systems:
    wine64 --version

  4. How to Use Wine To use wine we need to login on GUI desktop of your Ubuntu system. After that Download a windows exe file like PuTTY on your system and open it with Wine as below screenshot or use following command.

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